10% cash back credit card?! It’s true, well, sort of…

Whether you are just starting out or not, stumbling on a 10% cash back credit card is certainly going to get your attention. If you are looking for ways to add years to your life, or a better paying, more interesting job, there’s something here for you.

Your Money – 10% Cash Back Credit Card at Restaurants

Seven ways to teach your kids about money – It’s never too early to start your kids off on the right path. (money / The Guardian)

Blue Cash Preferred Card® from American Express Review – 10% Cash Back at Restaurants – WOW! 10% cash back at restaurants! Well, that’s only for the first six months, but still… Wow, that’s quite the incentive. (Consumerism Commentary)

Your Career

So You Want to Make More Money? – Seven Core Pieces of Career Advice I Wish I Knew Starting Out (The Simple Dollar)

So You Want to Work for a Tech Company – Amazon, Wells Fargo, and 8 other big companies hiring for high-paying jobs like crazy right now (BI)

So You Want to Work on Wall Street – The 10 best business schools if you want to work on Wall Street (Your Money)

Your life

Smile! Your face is your boarding pass – Future generations won’t have to worry about losing their boarding passes anymore, and soon, neither will you. (qz.com)

Parenting may be a pain, but it may adds years to your life  – dddd  (quartz.com)

Bartender, I’ll have another! Light-to-moderate drinkers are not at increased risk of weight gain. (nytimes.com)

Chart of the Day

Billionaires are the richest of the rich. Many young entrepreneurs hope to one-day reach this ultimate financial milestone. But before these entrepreneurs are allowed to join this group, they first must ask how did billionaires acquire their wealth in the first place? Take a look at the map below to see the distribution of billionaires by country and type.



Image credit: Herry Lawford

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