11 Online Retirement Calculators to help you reach Financial Independence

11 Online Retirement Calculators Online retirement calculators come in all shapes and sizes. Some retirement calculators are extremely simple and provide little in the way of helpful information you can use to plan for retirement. Others are complex affairs that require an advanced degree from MIT to use. What follows are 11 online calculators for retirement that get it just right. They are easy to use, provide a lot of useful information, and best of all, are free. Keep reading

5 Fees That Are Killing Your Retirement Some quick math tells us that the investor paying these fees is shelling out $7,500 a year. These costs don’t account for the underlying cost of the investments. Over a ten-year period, and assuming an 8 percent return would have been earned had these fees stayed in the account, this investor will lose nearly $110,000, or almost 25 percent of the starting balance in the portfolio. Over 20 years the loss triples to more than $340,000. Over a 40-year period the loss is seven figures. And these figures assume a constant fee of $7,500 a year, not an increasing fee that would come with a larger portfolio. Keep reading…

How You Can Retire as a Middle-Class Millionaire It may or may not be enough to retire on, but a $1 million nest egg can be achieved by many families living on middle-class incomes. It takes persistence, sacrifice and dedication to a solid investing strategy, over a time frame measured in decades, but it can be done. According to an analysis of the Current Population Survey done by Sentier Research, the median American household income was $52,959 as of April. The key to turning that kind of income into a $1 million nest egg is simple to describe (if harder to practice): You must be willing and able to live on less, and then invest the money you save towards that goal. How Much of Your Salary Do You Need to Save? For How Long? Keep reading…



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