15 Ways to Retire Early and other bits…

15 Ways to Retire Early (Huffington Post): The word “retirement” and number “65” are as linked in the American psyche as “bacon and eggs.” Then again, that all depends on how fast you want your eggs, right? Retiring early — or leaving the work force for the golf course, if you like — might sound like an unattainable goal. That’s especially true if you look at the challenge from a pure cash paradigm. But there are many ways to make it, so long as you take numerous approaches into account. Yes, 65 is the standard — but what’s 21st century life all about if not exceeding standards? Here are 15 major financial and lifestyle moves you can make to achieve this goal.

How to Plan for Early Retirement (NerdWallet): If you want to retire early, your investment strategy may need to be a little different from a person who plans to keep working well into his or her 60s and beyond. That’s because with many retirement savings plans, including 401(k)s and IRAs, you could be charged a tax penalty if you withdraw money before age 59½. You also generally won’t be eligible to start receiving partial Social Security benefits until age 62, or full benefits a few years later. If you plan to leave work earlier than that, you may need to tweak your investment efforts. Here’s a look at different options to consider.

This Billionaire Has a Problem With Warren Buffett (The Motley Fool): The investing world loves Warren Buffett. He’s not called “the Oracle of Omaha,” for nothing — a great many investors look to him for wisdom and insight on the markets. His folksy annual letters to shareholders of his company Berkshire Hathaway are required reading for many financial types, whether they own Berkshire stock or not. But there’s one billionaire investor on the scene who apparently isn’t as impressed with Warren — and he isn’t shy in letting everyone know why.

Applying early for Social Security – (LA Times): My husband decided we should take Social Security before age 65. I worked intermittently until 67. I do not get half of his Social Security as do many women who never worked. Can you explain why?

The best personal finance books for all ages (WTPO.com): Summer is a great time to catch up on reading while you’re catching rays at the beach or relaxing by the pool. It’s also a great time to learn something new, like tai chi or, just a suggestion, more about your personal finances. There are lots of books that teach everything from the basics of budgeting to how to invest like a pro. I’ve listed a few of my favorites, geared toward every stage in life. If you invest a few hours in these books each week this summer, by the fall, you’ll be managing your money like an expert.

6 personal finance hacks to maximise your savings (Mashable): Whether you’re trying to stick to a budget or become more creative with your savings, there are a number of clever ways to do more with your money. Some involve financial tools you have, like credit cards, while others help you take a closer look at what you’re spending, and why.Try out these six personal finance hacks next time you’re designing a spending or savings plan.



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