30 Yr Loan or 15 Yr Loan, How About Both! Correcting Credit Score Errors and more bits…

A 30-year or 15-year mortgage? How about both?! PenFed, has rolled out a 30-year amortizing mortgage that changes its rate just once, 15 years into the term of the 30-year loan. The credit union will be writing loans with the 15/15-adjustable rate mortgage up to $2 million.  PenFed says the product, launched in February, is designed to appeal to borrowers who are typically looking to refinance or purchase a second home, says Debbie Ames Naylor, executive vice president of mortgages at the federal credit union.

How Your Credit Score Affects a Car Loan Each major credit reporting agency has its own score range, some may start at 400, while others may go up to 900. For our purposes, we will use the scale used by FICO, since it is the one most commonly used by lenders. FICO ranges credit scores between 500 and 850. Here is how each score category looks and the interest rate that you should expect to pay given the current national used car interest rate of 3.508 percent on a 48 month loan.

Correcting your credit report gets easier You just got more of a say in fixing errors on your credit report. Pushed by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, major credit reporting companies Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion have changed their complaint systems to let people dispute reports’ mistakes in greater detail.

4 tricks to get the hotel room you want — at a savings All this supply and demand pressure is — not surprisingly — pushing prices upwards. Room rates in upscale rooms will rise 4.5% this year to an average of $127 per night, upper-upscale rooms 5% to $170 per night and luxury hotels 5% to almost $310 per night, according to Hanson. And experts predict that those room rates will keep right on climbing. “Available rooms [in higher-end hotels] will see rates rise dramatically,” says Meliker. Or put more simply: “This stinks for travelers,” says Quinby. The good news? There are some ways to get the room you want at a savings — if you know what to expect and where to look.

10 Little Household Habits That May Be Costing You a Fortune  Sometimes, the easiest ways to save are right under your nose. You might be diligent about clipping coupons, hunting for bargains, and comparing prices while shopping, but if you’re not paying more attention to your home, you could be missing out on some serious savings. Here are 10 common ways your home could be losing you money — and what to do about them:

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