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There may be freedom of speech, but you ought to think twice before leaving a scathing review. A couple who ruined their wedding photographer’s career over a $125 fee must now pay her $1 million.

Cheaper avocados won’t make it any easier to retire

If you are spending way too much of your hard earned wages on avocado toast, there’s good news for, avocados may be cheaper next year. Of course, the price you pay in the restaurant may not be any cheaper, but at least, as you waste your money on overpriced food, you’ll have the comfort in knowing that the restaurant owner will be making more money… Perhaps he or she will be able to retire early.

Did you know that alcohol may lower risk of diabetes? Seems far fetched, but this is based on a study of 70,000 Danes. Regardless, I always look twice at such correlations. It’s like when someone says that runners have lower risks of heart disease. While that might be true, it’s also likely that runners eat better than those who don’t exercise. It’s easy to look at single items and believe that one is the direct result of something else. Again, while that might be the case, there may be other aspects impacting the results.

I’ll drink to that

All that said, those of you who drink might be interested in the next study. Research published in the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease on July 29, looked at 1,344 adults in California. The results showed that people who drank five to seven days a week at moderate or heavy levels — up to three drinks a day for people over 65 — were two to three times more likely than comparable non-drinkers to reach 85 without showing signs of cognitive decline. Those results also held true for men under age 65 who drank up to four alcoholic drinks a day.

Here’s a shocker

A new study shows marijuana legalization really might hurt academic performance. According to a study recently published in The Review of Economic Studies, access to legal marijuana may significantly reduce academic performance.

Why oh Wi-Fi

Still using that old wi-fi? You may not realize it, but you might want to upgrade. You probably don’t think much about your router, though. And yet, by the time you’ve connected a family’s worth of phones and tablets—plus your laptop, Roku, Xbox, smart fridge, doorbell, and thermostat—you’ve stressed out that Netgear RT-X86Something you bought at Circuit City in 2008.

You can do better. And so can your Wi-Fi. Luckily, getting faster internet requires nothing more than some light interior decorating and a few strings of numbers that we swear we’re not using to hack you. Or, if you’re into upgrades, you can solve your problem with one credit card swipe.

If you want to upgrade, there any many options at Amazon.

Easiest airline upgrade ever

You can get an upgrade and still sit in coach. It’ll cost you about $600, but you’ll get to use that upgrade many more times for free. Introducing the $600 mattress pad that will revolutionize your next overnight flight. Premium mattress company Airweave, started by Motokuni Takaoka in Japan in 2004, has introduced a $590 mattress pad for airline seats that meets the TSA standard for carry-on luggage. Designed in conjunction with the Ritz Paris and dubbed the Traveler, it’s 19.7 inches wide, 66.9 inches long, and a bit more than an inch thick. Because the core is 90 percent air, it weighs a mere 5.5 pounds, and rolled up, it fits in a carry-on-size duffel.

Here’s what U.S. airline passengers care about most when flying (hint: it’s not service) Profit-hunting airlines have sought to lure travelers into business and first class with comfy lounges, signature cocktails and high-speed internet connections.

Yoga as a stress reliever? Now that’s hot!

Yoga seems to reduce symptoms of depression, including focusing on negative feelings and emotional eating, suggesting the practice may be a useful complement to talking therapies and antidepressant drugs.

As yoga has become a popular way for people to exercise and relieve stress, researchers have tried to understand the ways in which it might benefit our health. So far there seems to be a link between meditation, which is at the core of many yoga styles and boosted insulin production and slower cellular aging. Yoga may also dampen down inflammation genes.

Going for an MBA, better have friends

New M.B.A. Admissions Request: Recommendations From Friends. Business schools look to cut the fluff from applicants’ letters of recommendation with word limits, prompts, and requests for letters from friends.

New York University’s business school is trying to get a better sense of what its applicants are really like. So the school is asking their friends.

Recommendation letters for applicants to Masters of Business Administration programs often focus on analytic acumen or leadership skills. This summer, NYU’s Stern School of Business started asking for endorsements from a pal or coworker who can comment on the applicant’s social skills or emotional intelligence.

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