Today’s bits: 7 stupid things people do with their money that feel smart at the time

thinking upset woman7 stupid things people do with their money that feel smart at the time
If you don’t read anything else today, read this.



How A Freelancer Who Worked Two and Sometimes Three Part-Time Jobs Did Money
An impressive story of how a woman earning just $7,000 was able to save money.


We (the NFL players) wound up in a situation where unfortunately savings didn’t happen across the league as much as it could have happened.

NFLPA urges players to be better at saving money for possible 2021 lockout
This is a lesson that we all can learn from.

Protecting Your Smart Devices

Researchers have found vulnerabilities in Internet-connected light bulbs, it is wise to be wary when connecting smart device to your home network.

12 things you only need to buy once in your lifetime
My garden hoses are always breaking. Maybe it’s the southern California sun. Maybe it’s simply crappy hoses. A professional gardener recommended that I buy a high-quality hose. He said it will last 40 years. Nothing seems to last that long. We live in disposable times. Many consumers today would rather buy something on the cheap — and sacrifice on quality — than have to fork over a lot of money.

How do I safely invest my retirement savings for growth?
How do we invest our nest egg so we can take advantage of stocks’ potential for long-term growth without leaving ourselves too vulnerable to setbacks that could jeopardize our retirement security?

How to pay less in taxes on your investments
In some cases, you can hold a stock for less than a year and avoid short-term capital-gains rates.

JetBlue Hopes Facial Recognition Tech Can Speed Up Boarding At The Gate
The airline is hoping that using facial recognition technology can speed up at least one portion of this process.

Walmart remodeling hundreds of US stores
The remodeling efforts will move pickup service locations to the front of stores and add lounge areas for customers waiting to collect their orders. They will also broaden grocery selections and bring in more fresh and organic products.

World population density

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