AARP Live-Financial Security

Source: AARP and YouTube

What’s keeping you from financial freedom and the future you want?   Are you saving as much as you should — or wish you could?  Do you know how much you’ll need to live comfortably and independently as you get older?

Half of older workers have less than $25,000 in savings — but you can take charge of your financial future.  This month on AARP live we’ll share information and resources to help you plan, work and save so you can make smart financial decisions and gain peace of mind for a secure future.  Certified Financial Planner
Lee Baker joins our panel to answer your questions and take your comments.

What’s your secret to saving? Join the conversation with AARP Live to share your story and get your questions answered.  Watch AARP Live Thursday April 17 on RFD-TV or watch right here on the web at 10 PM ET/9PM CT/8PM MT/7PM PT.
Want to know more about fighting fraud, protecting your identity, or caregiving?  Watch recent episodes and hear comments from viewers just like you!

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