Active funds making a comeback? Razors getting cheaper? Retirement funds: most money, more loans. The 25 most frugal cities.

Active vs Managed

Let’s give credit where credit is due. Dollar Bits has always been a proponent for of index funds for most investors. Typically active fund managers under-perform their respective indices, however active managers have been performing well of late. While it’s not a long time frame, it is interesting to see that a larger percentage of active fund managers are beating their indices.

active vs managed funds

source: WSJ

401(k) plans

Good news: the average 401(k) balance has increased from $4.2 trillion in 2009 to over $7 trillion today.

Bad news: more people are borrowing from their 401(k) accounts than ever before, and the average outstanding loan balance has increased.

401k loans

source: WSJ

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