Amazon Fresh Pickup – order groceries, pick up 15 minutes later

Amazon Fresh Pickup: Amazon is launching a drive-up grocery service that allows customers to pick up online orders.

Amazon Fresh Pickup

Called AmazonFresh Pickup, the new service allows customers to order groceries online, then set a time for pickup as soon as 15 minutes after they place the order.

What is AmazonFresh Pickup?

AmazonFresh Pickup is a fast and easy way to order groceries, pick them up, and be on your way in minutes. Orders can be ready in as little as 15 minutes after they are placed. There’s no order minimum and the service is free for Prime members.

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Who can shop AmazonFresh Pickup?

We’re currently open to Amazon employees in our beta program. Once we’re officially open, all Prime members will enjoy free and unlimited Pickup benefits. AmazonFresh members receive the added benefit of picking up orders in as little as 15 minutes from the time they are placed.


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What can I buy at Amazon Fresh Pickup?

Whether you’re shopping for your weekly groceries or picking up a last-minute item, we have thousands of grocery items available at low prices—including high-quality meats, fresh produce, bread, dairy, household essentials and more.

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AmazonFresh Pickup is the company’s way of getting a foothold in “click and collect” groceries so it can expand in the $800 billion US grocery market, where it’s been slow to grow. However, Amazon’s two beta stores aren’t yet a major challenge to grocery giants Walmart and Kroger, which already provide “click and collect” groceries to customers without their needing to join a membership program. – CNET

Roughly one in five millennials between the ages of 25 and 34 bought groceries online — more than any other age group, their survey found.

The AmazonFresh truck delivery service, now a decade old, helped Amazon make inroads as a grocery brand. However, that service costs $15 a month for delivering groceries to a shopper’s doorstep, while AmazonFresh Pickup locations will be free to use.

Learn more here: AmazonFresh Pickup

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