The best day to book travel

The day when summer fares fall
Pencil August 22nd on your calendar – If you’ve been staying home to avoid peak summer prices, start packing; the cheapest dates for summer fares are just a few weeks away.

Where you put your savings in your 20s could make a difference of as much as $3 million by retirement
If you want to finish rich, there’s a crucial piece of advice you need to heed.

How Artsy finally convinced galleries to sell fine art online
The art scene has been slow to embrace the online world, that seems to be changing.

Is your investor working for you?
Here’s a quote which, ideally need never be spoken: “Investment advisers shouldn’t be able to steer retirees, workers, small businesses, and others into investments that benefit the advisers at the expense of their clients”

Go Update Your iPhone Or iPad Right Now
If you use WiFi on your iPhone or iPad, and you probably do, you’ll want to head to the Updates section as soon as you can to update its software before you start your weekend. There are a number of security patches, the most important of which fixes a flaw in the WiFi chip that can let someone standing near you execute code on your phone.

FTC Reportedly Looking Into Potentially Deceptive Amazon Discount Pricing
My wife has been complaining to me about this for quite some time.

The reason Jack Bogle doesn’t fly first class says everything about his investing legacy
Bogle was the man who started Vanguard and its low-cost index funds.

Want to improve your work-life balance? consider these tips
You get to decide how to spend it. “Learn to value what you do, who you are, and your time,” Tina Tessina, Ph.D., a psychotherapist in Southern California, said. “You will be more effective and less stressed if you learn to take charge of your work.


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