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Recently, Morningstar asked its readers for book recommendations. Many investors will tell you about a specific book that they have read that changed the way they invest and helped them on their road to financial success.

The recommendations were to be aimed at anyone; it could be a recommendation aimed at beginning investors or at seasoned proffessionals. The goal was to give fellow readers ideas about some of the best investing books available.

Below is a list of book recommendations (listed in alphabetic order) that you might want to consider to help you own investment planning or to give to someone else as a gift.


Title Author
20/20 Money Hanson, Michael J.
A Random Walk Down Wall Street Malkiel, Burton
All Your Worth Warren, Elizabeth and Tyagi, Amelia
Asset Allocation Gibson, Roger C.
Automatic Millionaire, The Bach, David
Bogle on Mutual Funds New Perspectives for the Intelligent Investor Bogle, John
Bogleheads Guide to Investing Larimore,Taylor and Lindauer, Mel and LeBoeuf, Michael
Bogleheads’ Guide to Investing, The Larrimore, Taylor  and others
Bond Book, The Thau, Annette
Charles Schwab’s New Guide to Financial Independence  Schwab, Charles
Common Sense on Mutual Funds Bogle, John
Common Stocks and Uncommon Profits Fisher, Philip
Contrarian Investment Strategies Dreman, David
Elements of investing Ellis, Charles
Elements of Investing, The Malkiel,  Burton and Ellis, Charles
Essays of Warren Buffett, The Buffett, Warren and Cunningham, Lawrence
Five Rules For Successful Stock Investing, The  Dorsey , Pat
Four Pillars of Investing, The Bernstein, William
Fundspy Kinnel, Russel
Future for Investors, The  Siegel, Jeremy
Get Rich Slowly – Building Your Financial Future Through Common Sense Spitz, William T.
Getting Started in a Financially Secure Retirement Hebeler, Henry (Bud)
Guide to Mutual Funds Benz, Christine
I Will Teach You To be Rich Sethi, Ramit
If You Can – How Millenials Get Rich Slowly Bernstein, William
In Bed With Wall Street Doyle, Lawrence
Indomitable Investor, The Sears, Steven
Intelligent Asset Allocator, The Bernstein, William
Intelligent Investor, The Graham, Ben
Investing For The Rest Of Us –  How To Invest In Stocks Using Index Funds – Passive Investing Strategies Everyone Can Use Wright, David
Investment Answer, The Goldie, Daniel
Investor’s Manifesto, The Bernstein, William
Irrational Exuberance Shiller, Robert
Learn To Earn Lynch, Peter
Lifecycle Investing Ayers, Ian and Nalebuff, Barry
Little Book of Common Sense Investing Bogle, John
Little Book of Valuation, The –  How to Value a Company, Pick a Stock and Profit Damodaran, Aswath
Little Book of Value Investing Browne, Christopher H.
M Word, The Sackler, Lori
Manual of Ideas, The – The Proven Framework for Finding the Best Value Investments Mihaljevic, John
Methods of a Wall Street Master Vic, Trader
Millionaire Next Door, The  Stanley, Thomas and Danko, William
Most Important Thing, The Marks, Howard
Mutual Funds For Dummies Tyson, Eric
One Up On Wall Street Lynch, Peter
Only Guide You’ll Ever Need for the Right Financial Plan, The Swedroe, Larry
Only Investment Guide You’ll Ever Need, The Tobias, Andrew
Personal Finance For Dummies Tyson, Eric
Poor Charlie’s Almanack Munger, Charlie
Power of Positive Thinking, The Peale, Dr. Norman Vincent
Quantitative Value Gray PhD., Wesley and Carlisle, Tobias
Random Walk Down Wall Street Malkiel, Burton
Richest Man in Babylon, The Clason, George S.
Single Best Investment, The – Creating Wealth with Dividend Growth Miller, Lowell
Smartest Investment Book You’ll Ever Read, The Solin, Daniel
Stock Investing For Dummies Mladjenovic, Paul
Stocks for the Long Run Siegel, Jeremy
Thinking Fast and Slow Kahneman,  Danile
Truth About Money, The Edelman, Ric
Ultimate Dividend Playbook, The Peters, Josh
Visual Investor, The  – How to Spot Market Trends Murphy, John
Wealthy Barber, The Chilton, David
What Works on Wall Street O’Shaughnessy,  James P.
Where Are The Customers’s Yachts? Schwed Jr., Fred
White Coat Investor, The  –  A Doctor’s Guide To Personal Finance And Investing Dahle, Jim
Why Moats Matter Brilliant, Heather
Why the Best-Laid Investment Plans Usually Go Wrong Browne,  Harry
YES YOU CAN Stowers, James E.
Your Money and Your Brain Zweig, jason

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