Building Wealth For the Rest of Us

Building Wealth For the Rest of Us


My latest book is now available. Here’s what readers have said:

David Wright does an excellent job of writing books that are easy to understand and apply to your own life and this book is no exception.


I particularly liked his chapter called “A Million Dollars on $10 a day – The Magic of Compounding.” This should be required reading for every senior in High School! Many think it is hard to save up a million dollars, but David points out that it just takes time and is not really hard at all. Since many youngsters today do almost everything on a tablet or other mobile device, this eBook could be just the Christmas present for them.


Wright explains all the basics in plain English with plenty of examples. Most importantly, Wright actually IS someone who retired early. This isn’t a theory book. It’s about what successfully works in practice based on the author’s personal experience, and everything Wright did is repeatable.


Building Wealth is a book I wished I’d read when I was a teenager! I was most amazed how much a very small amount of money saved on a regular basis throughout ones life accumulates. In today’s world of ”quick fixes” I believe saving is something a lot of young people miss. I’m glad I read this book, some good reminders, and some new pieces of information.

Become a Millionaire Without Even Trying


What if you could have more money than you ever thought possible? What if a few new habits could enable you to accumulate enough money to allow you to retire early?

Bestselling author of “Investing for the Rest of Us” and “You Don’t Need a Financial Advisor,” David L. Wright, presents the latest in the “For the Rest of Us” series. Based on research and personal experiences, Wright presents an easy to follow guide to allow anyone to build wealth.

Warren Buffett says, “It is not necessary to do extraordinary things to get extraordinary results.” There are countless stories of people earning modest salaries retiring with millions of dollars. If a janitor can become a millionaire, imagine how much money you could amass.

Nearly two-thirds of Americans have less than $1,000 in savings. One in five people doesn’t even have a savings account. The average 65 year old has less than $44,000. Most people will never achieve financial independence, let alone are able to retire early. Few people understand how to build wealth.

In this book, you’ll learn:

  • How you can become a millionaire on just a few dollars a day
  • How to save and invest your money automatically
  • The passive way to build wealth
  • How a few easy-to-implement habits can help you live below your means and build wealth without feeling deprived
  • Why saving is like dieting
  • How to get out of debt and stay out of debt
  • Which of your status symbols are worthwhile and which aren’t
  • How to teach your children to become financially literate
  • How to spend mindfully
  • Why most people make bad investing decisions

Buy this book NOW to increase your wealth and maybe even retire early!


David WrightDavid L. Wright is the author of several personal finance books, including the bestselling investment book: “Investing For the Rest of Us” and writes for the popular personal finance website: Dollar Bits (

A livelong investor, Mr. Wright’s retired more than a decade early. He spent the last decade of his career as the Chief Financial Officer for an entertainment company. During his career, Wright also worked as a computer programmer, an educator, a corporate executive, and even as an artist.

Inspired by countless followers of Dollar Bits, Mr. Wright hopes that his writings on Dollar Bits and his books inspire others and serves a meaningful purpose in their lives.

When he’s not writing for Dollar Bits or working on his next personal finance book, David Wright and his wife enjoy spending time with their pets, enjoying art, tending their garden, and traveling the world.

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