Cheap golf balls at Costco, Money saving strategies, Cities cheaper than the burbs, Late to the (retirement planning) party

Costco, Titleist Go To War Over Golf Balls – Cheap golf balls at Costco — much cheaper than Titleist — has resulted in a battle as the latter is accusing the former of patent infringement. Not to be outdone, Costco sues Titleist after being accused of patent infringement and false advertising. Regardless, at least for now, if you are a golfer, the balls — like most merchandise at Costco — is super cheap right now. (Consumerist)

golf balls at costco

Spring cleaning is a perfect time to get your financial house in order – Happy first day of Spring. Spring cleaning — getting your physical house in order — is common. Now is a good time to clean up your finances too. (personal finance / USA TODAY)

5 Best Money-Saving Strategies Proven to Work for Anyone – Most of us could do with a little more money at the end of the month. Unfortunately, it’s hard to figure out how to squeeze savings out of a tight budget. People were polled regarding what strategies worked for them. Here are the five top saving strategies mentioned. All typical, all sound, practical, logical. (Money Crashers)

Late to the party – Even if you are starting your retirement planning late, you can still do it. (the balance)

11 Daily Habits of Exceptionally Successful People – Learning these fantastic habits is just half the equation. Actually doing them will get you to the promised land.(Inc)

Here are the 10 places where it’s cheaper to raise a family in the city than a suburb – a new report from and Zillow reveals 10 popular places in the US where it’s actually cheaper to live in a metro area’s city rather than suburb, thanks to lower housing and childcare costs.(BI)

With More Rate Hikes Coming, Here’s the Best Way to Pay Off Your Credit Card Debt – The cost of borrowing money is going up, so it’s time to get serious about paying down those unpaid credit card balances. (NBC News)

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