How to Decide Which Headphones to Buy… and more bits…

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How to Decide Which Headphones to Buy

There are so many choices for earphones and earbuds. How do I decide what to buy?

It’s tough! There really isn’t any one headphone that works for all situations, so sometimes the best option is having two less expensive headphones that are suited to your lifestyle and listening habits. If you know how you’ll use them, you can better figure out what features will be important. (The Wirecutter)

You might be surprised to find that the Apple Airpods are not on their recommended list. If you are interested, here are the four recommendations: jlab, bose, oppo, and plantronics.  Two of them are $300 and $400?! Relatively speaking, the Airpods are a bargain at under $270. Personally. I don’t get why you’d want to spend anywhere near that much money on headphones.

The Average Salary by Age

How much money is enough? Some people answer this question by comparing themselves to others in their age group. No one likes to feel like they’re at the back of the pack. To help you get a sense of where you stand, let’s take a closer look at the average salary by age for full-time workers in the U.S. (SmartAsset)

7 skills you should have to get a job at Google, Apple, or Microsoft

You’ll need a very particular set of skills if you want to get a job at some of the most competitive tech companies out there. Just look at the data compiled by job site Paysa. The site has reviewed tens of millions of résumés, provided by a combination of Paysa’s partners, recruiters, and users. (Your Money)

How should I invest if I can’t handle a market downturn?

I’ve always invested in stocks, but now that I’m nearing the end of my career I find the stock market way too nerve-wracking, and I just don’t feel I can handle another drop in stock prices. How I should invest? (CNN Money)

How to Make Your Smartphone Battery Last Longer

Avoid having to buy a pricey replacement battery by being mindful about how you charge and store your smartphone. (Kiplinger)

5 Costly Credit Card Mistakes You Might Be Making

While most Americans have one or more credit cards, very few spend much time thinking about them. Instead, we tend to enjoy the simplicity and convenience of our cards, while often failing to use them to our best advantage. Here are five ways you may be using your credit cards wrong, and some tips. (Wise Bread)


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