Do I Really Need That?

There was an article in the NY Times this week entitled t Take It With You, but You Still Want More. In this article, the author introduces and then discusses the concept of mindless accumulation.

That is, the accumulation of “stuff” without necessarily the need for all the stuff. The article uses Dove chocolate bits as the “goods” obtained as a result of listening to white noise for an extended period of time as the “work”. They found that the wealthier people wanted to earn more chocolate, but didn’t intend to eat all of it. In fact, they wanted many more pieces than they expected to consume.

I think a lot of people want more stuff than they necessarily need. Do you really need to own the latest technology immediately after it is introduced at CES? You can probably save a lot of money and just buy technology that’s a little bit older.

How about clothes. I think people buy more clothes than they need. suits_closetAre you a slave to fashion? Do you need to own the latest styles? I think you can save money buy just buying classic clothes and not necessarily as many clothes as you might think you need.

Anyway, these are just a few thoughts on this topic. My wife and I tend to live well within our means. I’m not going to say that we don’t own stuff, we certainly do have our fair share. We just tend to not buy the latest technology nor the latest fashions. Basically we buy (what we feel) is that amount of stuff that we need, not more. This is really a personal decision, but we’d rather invest the excess money and save for the future than buy (what we consider) to be excess.

If you are looking for a “new” laptop for instance, here’s a good place to start: laptops at Amazon

If you are looking for the clothes, you might want to look for sales. Amazon often has sales with as much as 70% off

Of course, you also need to ask yourself, do I really need that?

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