Dollar Bits: What Do the Best Investors Do That the Rest Don’t?

Invest like the best…

  • What Do the Best Investors Do That the Rest Don’t? (behavioral value investor)
  • How to go to college for free in America (Quartz)
  • Are you participating in your company’s retirement plan? Thirty-Eight Percent of Workers Do Not Participate in Their Retirement Plan (Plan Sponsor)
  • $1M in Retirement Savings Lasts 20+ Years in Mississippi. How long will your retirement savings last you? (AARP)
  • How Investing In Preschool Beats The Stock Market, Hands Down (NPR)
  • Investing with Stephanie Rotz – The editor of Sophomore Magazine looks beyond the sea of suits and clanging bells to see what buying stock is all about (Vice Money)
  • The 7 U.S. cities where your money will go the farthest (CBS Money)
  • Best College for Your Money (Houghton)
  • The Path to Awesome: Top 3 Financial Habits to Help You on Your Way – Part 2, or, Don’t Just Park Your Money (Blue Blaze)
  • How This Robo-Advisory Firm Helps You Put Your Money In The Best Places To Invest (Forbes)


  • Getting Your Money When You Need it the Most (LinkedIn)
  • Seattle dad aims to pay off every school lunch debt in the state of Washington (The Week)
  • We compared 7 travel-booking sites to show you what each is best (Insider Picks)

Retirement Planning

  • Here’s a 10-point retirement planning checklist (SBJ)
  • Retirement Planning for an uncertain future (LinkedIn)

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