Dollar Bits: Best Travel Rewards Programs


Best Travel Rewards Programs
It’s easy to feel enticed by an airline or a hotel loyalty program. After all, who wouldn’t want a free flight, a room upgrade or other lucrative benefits? The catch – as any program loyalist can attest to – is that maximizing travel rewards can be challenging. While it’s often easy to join a program, attaining meaningful perks and rewards may come with a string of caveats. So how can you tell if a program is worth your time and effort? Here are: The top 9 US airline rewards programs where it’s easiest to earn a free round-trip flight

Bus instead of plane?
Would you be willing to travel from Los Angeles to San Francisco over night on a sleeper bus instead of taking a flight? There is a company offering this service, it considers itself a luxury hotel on wheels and an alternative to driving and flying.

21 Tips for a Low-Cost Destination Bachelor or Bachelorette Party
What’s more fun than a wedding reception? For close friends of the bride and groom to be, the bachelor and bachelorette parties clearly beat out the reception. They also tend to be costly, especially when they take place far from most attendees’ homes.


Take this car insurance quiz to see if you’re savvy or stumped
A car insurance policy can consist of multiple parts, each paying for a different type of problem. If you don’t understand all the parts, you might not know what your current policy covers.


Americans Spend More On Lottery Tickets Than On Movies, Video Games, Music, Sports Tix And Books Combined

Talk about a waste of money. I know, it’s just a buck or two with a chance to win mega millions. It’s just a buck what can it hurt? Mega Millions and the Powerball lotteries have been accumulating jackpots greater than $350 million, countless Americans – mostly those in lower income groups – are splurging on lottery tickets, hoping to get rich quick.

Unfortunately for virtually everyone, it will never happen: the odds of winning both (or either) are absolutely staggering, a bit worse than 1 in 75.6 quadrillion, or 1 in 75,648,252,765,957,300 to be precise.

If you spend twenty dollars every week on the lottery, that’s over $1,000 a year. Instead of buying lottery tickets, every week, every month, every year, for 40 years while you are working, invest that money in an S&P 500 index fund. Assuming an 8.5% return, after those 40 years, you would have over $300,000. Perhaps $300K doesn’t sound like that much to you, but consider this: roughly 69% of Americans have less than $1,000 in savings. Stop wasting money on lottery tickets.

Solar Eclipse is just a week away….

Solar Eclipse Glasses – don’t look at the sun without them

Solar Eclipse Camera Filters

Solar Eclipse T-Shirts

Credit Cards and money transfer

Shoppers have many high-end credit card options, but for how long?
Shoppers with means who want a lot of high-end rewards on their credit cards have plenty of options — at least right now.

Moneytis is like a travel fare aggregator, but for sending money abroad
TransferWise is arguably the biggest consumer brand in international transfers. Instead of telling your bank to send money to your bank account, you send money to TransferWise first. The startup then converts the amount and transfers your money.


1 in 5 Employees Is Missing Out on Free Money
Everyone loves free money, and most people do everything they can to get as much of it as possible. But there’s one thing roughly 20% of people fail to do that could earn them tens of thousands of extra dollars over the course of your career.

Save up for big purchases
As a society, I’m not sure we’ve ever been further away from the normalcy of saving up to make cash purchases. We’ve gotten distracted and at times bamboozled into thinking it’s smarter to finance our purchases because of rewards, points, discounts…

Real Estate

Should you make bi-weekly mortgage payments?
Here’s what you need to know if you’re considering switching from monthly to bi-weekly payments on your mortgage.



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