Dollar Bits: Can the working class afford to live in your city?

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Can the working class afford to live in your city?


Here are the top five cities with the net surplus remaining after living expenses:

1. Fort Worth, TX ($10,447)

2. Newark, NJ (($10,154)

3. Glendale, AZ ($10,120)

4. Gilbert, AZ ($9,760)

5. Mesa, AZ ($7,780)

Arizona dominates the list. If we were to keep going, the Grand Canyon State would take #6 and #7 too. The Sun Belt clearly has an economic advantage for workers.

The worst places for working class folks to live shouldn’t surprise anyone who has been paying attention to the affordable housing crises in New York and CaliforniaHere are the five worst cities:

1. New York, NY (-$91,184)

2. San Francisco, CA (-$83,272)

3. Boston, MA (-$61,900)

4. Washington, DC (-$50,535)

5. Philadelphia, PA (-$37,850)

You read that correctly. The typical working-class family would need an additional $91K+ per year in New York City just to break even on a reasonable standard of living.

Image credit: Michael Steele and Flickr

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