Dollar bits: How to Find Out If You Were Affected by the Equifax Hack


How to Find Out If You Were Affected by the Equifax Hack
There are a number of nefarious activities to watch out for when your Social Security number has been compromised. With the recent Equifax data breach, you might be wondering how to tell if a thief is using your stolen information.

Equifax data breach FAQs: Answers to your biggest questions
Clark Howard is a respected broadcaster on the subject of money and credit. He feels strongly that most of us should have a Credit Freeze on our credit report – data breach or not. But a freeze is now even more important post-Equifax breach. He also suggests a Free credit alert from Credit Karma. Instead of Life Lock. Read more in his FAQ. It includes links to freeze credit reports and to Credit Karma.

Equifax Is Waiving Their Credit-Freeze Fees for 30 Days
Another day, another attempt by Equifax to stem the tide of consumer rage in the wake of the gigantic breach that left vulnerable the personal data of up to 143 million people. Now the company has said they will waive the fees they charge to freeze your credit for 30 days.


Facebook Is Testing A New Feature That Could Make It More Like LinkedIn
Facebook is testing a feature that helps users find mentors, which could make it more competitive against LinkedIn as a professional networking platform. Users would be enabled to find mentees as well through the feature, though details on the actual process are scarce. Once matched, the feature lists common interests, friends, education, and the respective professions of the pair. The isn’t Facebook’s first attempt to become more attractive to working professionals — it launched the ability to post job openings on Pages in February of this year.

FORMER CITI CEO: 30% of banking jobs will be wiped out in 5 years
Thinking it’s just the blue-collar jobs that are going away, think again.


The smartest way to upgrade to Apple’s iPhone 8 or iPhone X
It doesn’t matter if you purchase the iPhone from Best Buy, your phone carrier, or elsewhere…

Behold, Apple’s $349 iPhone — the cheapest on the market
The SE iPhone has a 4-inch display and seems like a bargain compared to Apple’s newest models.

9 gadgets and accessories that solve our biggest travel annoyances
Stuff we think you might need…

Love and money habits

5 habits of financially successful people
There are a lot of good ways to measure success and see what you might be able to do to achieve financial success as well…

Does Marriage Bring Financial Benefits?
While money should never be the reason to marry, tying the knot can be good for your mutual bottom line.

How to Confess Debt to a Partner (and Why You Should)
Unfortunately, many people with debt never see such a happy ending. Recently, we watched some of our close friends’ divorce after nine years of marriage. The biggest reasons, I suspect? We know one spouse was struggling with money and hiding their debt from the other.

Who Should Inherit Your IRA?
Understand the tax AND other implications when leaving IRA assets to spouse and nonspouse beneficiaries, charities, trusts, or your estate.

Betterment is expanding the range of portfolios is uses including ones by Goldman Sachs and Blackrock.
More investing options coming from Robo advisors.

How to send your kids to college free or almost free
There are several ways students can get away with barely paying anything for their college education.

How to get a tax deduction when you move
If you’re moving for work, you might be able to score a tax break.

Cord cutting

More TV viewers are cutting the cable cord, but the savings aren’t what they were
This year alone, more than 22 million TV viewers age 18 and older are expected to ditch their traditional cable TV bundles, according to eMarketer.

How to Cut the Cable Cord with Amazon Fire TV
Cutting the cable cord can save a lot of money. It can also cause you to pull out your hair as you figure out how to watch the shows you love. Our tech expert shows how to use Amazon Fire TV to help your cause.



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