Dollar Bits: Get extended warranties for free, finances for 40 year olds, when does frugality turn into cheapness

8 Great Jobs for the Next 10 Years
The working world is in upheaval, with technology changing the way we do pretty much everything. Some careers that used to be sure things aren’t so sure anymore. How do you know which jobs are worth pursuing, and which aren’t? We checked in with the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics to get the lowdown on fields that are projected to grow over the next decade.

The Best Interest Rates for September 2017
An updated list of the best interest rates for September.

When it comes to homeowners, renters, or property insurance, you’ve got a lot of choices to make.  One of the biggest choices is one that very few insurance buyers understand: actual cash value versus replacement cost. Here, we’ll explain the differences between these two options, and when you might need to use each one.
Just 24% of millennials understand personal finance
A recent study conducted by George Washington University and the National Endowment for Financial Education revealed that only 24 percent of millennials demonstrate a basic understanding of personal finance.

Top 5 Credit Cards for Millennials
Sure, “millennials” include everyone from a 32-year-old born in 1985 to a 17-year-old applying to university, but there are still some common factors among them – and that means credit card advice aimed at Baby Boomers isn’t always going to help millennials get the right card.

8-point personal finance checklist for those crossing 40
But from a personal financial point of view, 40 is a better benchmark as you have the power to make decisions for your future when your outlook for your career and life is still full of possibilities.

Steps for protecting your personally identifiable information at home
Don’t fall for these financial scams. The individuals who are regularly in and out of your house, and those who live in your house, are in a position to know what you have, where you have it, and the most opportune moments to steal it.

The big money NFL players earn may not last into retirement unless they make a plan
“Unless you’re Peyton Manning, unless you’re one of these guys that made $80 million to $100 million, you’re not retiring,” Brackett said. “You have to transition. You have to go get a job and work.”

How to Get a Free Extended Warranty Every Time
Many credit card issuers offer a credit card extended warranty whenever you make a purchase. Here are 3 of the best options for this awesome purchase protection.

Frugality and cheapness go hand and hand and the line that separates the two is unclear. You probably have a friend or family member who saves wrapping paper to reuse. Or maybe you know someone who saves the condiments and utensils from fast food restaurants to use at picnics. Do these people count as frugal or just plain cheap?
“Half the time, we hear millennials are a mess. Half the time, we hear we’re totally crushing it. The truth? Like any other generation, we’re making some smart decisions … and some that aren’t so smart.”
4 questions to ask yourself before retiring
“The transition from career life to retirement can be awfully bumpy. Before you decide to proceed with such a major life change, it’s a good idea to ask yourself certain questions to confirm that you’re ready to leave the working world.”
“Are all of my retirement funds tied up until I’m 59 1/2 years old, or are there ways to access my money early?”
3 essential tips for parents with college-bound kids
“Financial matters surrounding college can get confusing, and issues oftentimes become catastrophic simply because they weren’t caught sooner.”
Playing a risky game: People who fake death for big money
“Have you ever wondered about cashing in on life insurance without actually dying in the process? Industry experts say plenty of people try it.”

25 Proven Ways to Save Money Before Next Year
“If your goal is to save big by year’s end, try incorporating these 25 tips and tools into your strategy to start saving now.”

35 Percent of Americans Are Enrolled in Auto Pay — and It’s News to Them
“According to a new survey by, 35 percent of U.S. adults have set up an account with a service that provides subscriptions or memberships, and in doing so, enrolled in automatic payments without knowing it.”

Myths About Our Aging Brains
There is a lot of nonsense promulgated about aging brains. Yes, we find ourselves forgetting names or losing too much time looking for our reading glasses but most beliefs about cognitive decline in old age are myths. A few weeks ago, the Global Council on Brain Health (GCBH) which is an independent collaborative of scientists, health professionals, scholars and policy experts that were convened by AARP and recently issued their 2017 report on cognitive ability and brain health.


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