Dollar Bits: Hurricane Help, Amazon, Game of Thrones, and Fantasy Football

You can find a long list of options to donate to help those suffering from Hurricane Harvey

Image courtesy of Google; Wall St Journal; David J. Phillip/Associated Press

Today’s other news bits:

  • The small tweaks that turn an OK life into a great life, and who doesn’t want a great life (Quartz)
  • Yikes! In a Blast From a Financial Crisis Past, Synthetic CDOs Are Back (Wall Street Journal)
  • Bonds pay next to nothing… Asset Allocation in a Low Yield Environment (AQR)
  • Why Amazon Is Such a Threat to the Grocery Industry (The Atlantic)
  • Everyone might save money, but here’s what Amazon Prime members can expect at Whole Foods (USA Today)
  • You need to know what you are getting into… How to talk about money on a first date (CNN Money)
  • How to make a 529 college account last forever… Your ‘529’ college-savings account can serve multiple generations but be careful about how you invest it (Wall St Journal)
  • Do you really want to live forever? Should we be planning to live past 100? (Marketwatch)
  • Need a few extra bucks? Become a YouTube star (Nerd Wallet)
  • Be safe online (Wise Bread)
  • Money lessons learned from Game of Thrones (Zee Biz)
  • And you thought fantasy football was just a time suck…  Learn all about money management while having fun and beating your friends (Money)
  • Too many people are too free with their investments… if you’ve never lived through a bear market — like those who have only been investing for eight years of less — you need to read this (Retire By 40)

Source: Wall Street Journal


image credit: Texas Military Department

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