Dollar Bits: Ignored security. London’s Uber wars. Is your Fridge too smart?

Happy Monday! The last week of the month. The last week of the quarter. The first week of Autumn. Changes are afoot at Google Finance. People in London really want Uber. Target upping wages for employees. Grab a cup of coffee and see what we’re reading today….


Uber’s petition to “Save Your Uber in London” has now surpassed 634,000 signatures. The petition, which follows Transport for London’s decision not to renew Uber’s license to operate in the city, will be delivered to Mayor Sadiq Khan.

Uber aims for compromise in bid to win back London license
After a stinging rebuke, Uber is pushing to meet the London regulator that said it would refuse to reissue Uber’s operating license in the British capital.

UberEats has become a surprisingly successful standout for Uber. The company announced that the operation is now profitable in 27 of the 108 cities where it’s offered.

Major changes to Google Finance coming in November
Google first launched their Google Finance website in 2006 but the service hasn’t seen an update since 2008… Google just issued a notice to users that they’ll be overhauling the Google Finance platform in November, offering a completely new system of following, tracking, and getting news and information about stocks.

Stop ignoring—and start using—this security setting
You should know the importance of two-factor authentication—and its limitations

When Should You Apply For A New Credit Card?
With some things in life, timing is everything. This holds true for credit cards. When you apply for a credit card at the wrong time, you may have your application declined and risk being denied for other loans you really need.  Here are some tips to help you determine if you’re ready to apply for a new credit card.

Target plans on raising minimum wages in tightening labor market
The company said that it is raising its minimum wage to $11 an hour starting next month and to $15 an hour within three years, as the retailer competes to fill low-wage jobs in a tighter labor market.

The True Cost of Gray Divorce
Typically, the longer you’ve been together, the more assets you’ve acquired, and the more expensive the process. I’ve seen couples spend $200,000 in legal fees. And you have less time to recover financially from divorce the closer you are to retirement.

The 20 best colleges for adult learners
It’s never too late to learn something new…

8 ways to reduce the big threat posed by your ‘smart’ refrigerator
Malware in your fridge…  now that’s cold!


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