Dollar Bits: How to know whether you have enough to retire early

Real Estate

Credit Cards

  • American Express targets debt-leery consumers with new card features (
  • Debt-laden targeted by credit card firms – BBC News (
  • Authorities searching for credit card skimmer suspects (

Retire Early

Frugal Living

  • Frugal Shoppers Learn How to Save Money on Everything (
  • The Frugal Guide to Keeping Your Family Full and Fed While Traveling (
  • How to have a great honeymoon without going broke (NerdWallet)
  • When Does Frugality Turn Into Cheapness? (Dough Rollers)

Misc. bits

  • Whopper-coins? Burger King just announced its own currency. Have it your way… (
  • Don’t believe everything you read. AI researchers have taught computers to write completely believable fake reviews. (BI)
  • Self-driving cars delivering pizza to your house, but you’ll have to walk out to the curb to pick it up. The good news is that you’ll get to burn off more calories (by walking all the way out to the curb) with this new technology than you are currently burning off now when you have the pizza delivered right to your door. (Insider)



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