Dollar bits: We are all lousy investors, regardless Dow 1,000,000 is inevitable

Happy Tuesday. Only 90 shopping days left til Christmas. No need to wait til the last minute. My wife reminds me that there’s no need to wait til the last minute… after all “Christmas is Coming.”

Future Christmases could see the Dow reaching 1,000,000, but that shouldn’t really be making headlines, it’s almost inevitable.

News flash: Investors — regardless of their age — are lousy investors.

Here’s what’s worth reading this morning:


Buffett: In 100 years, the Dow will be ‘over 1,000,000’
A prediction of seeing the Dow Industrial Average reaching 1,000,000 in 100 years might make headlines, but it’s not far-fetched at all. In fact, it’s pretty conservative. Based on today’s price of a little less than 23,000, reaching one million in 100 years is only a 3.85% compounded annual growth rate of return. The Dow and other major stock indices have all beaten that figure quite handily over the past century.

68 Things You Cannot Say on China’s Internet
It’s more than George Carlin’s Seven Words…

Car hacking could be the new carjacking
Security experts paint a grim picture of a growing threat of malicious hackers accessing connected cars remotely.

Millennial investors are either very confident… or very cocky
Are young investors naive, or acting in a way that makes a lot of sense, given where they are in their careers and how most experts say their portfolios should be configured? Maybe a little of both.

The 10 colleges where students get the best education for their money
American colleges have a higher price tag than ever. But steep costs alone don’t equal high quality.

Dalbar 2017: Investors Suck At Investing & Tips For Advisors
Every year, it’s the same result…  the biggest impediment to successful investing that most investors face is themselves.

Planning Your Transition Toward Retirement
As retirement approaches, you need to keep several things in mind when planning for the road ahead — income planning, health care costs and tax strategies to name a few — but one of your main objectives has to be how to avoid being at the mercy of the stock market.


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