Dollar Bits: Phone Service with a side of Netflix please

Should you Roll Over Your 401(k)?
Fees, investments, and advice are just some of the factors that investors should weigh when deciding about rolling over a 401(k), says Morningstar’s David Blanchett.

T-Mobile sweetens plan with free Netflix ahead of new iPhone
T-Mobile will start including a Netflix Inc. subscription for customers who have at least two lines on an unlimited data plan, adding to evidence that a new front is opening up in the wireless wars, with video services being thrown in as bait for new subscribers.

Kohl’s to open Amazon shops inside some of its stores
Kohl’s shoppers will be able to buy Amazon Echos, Fire tablets and other gadgets from the 1,000-square-foot Amazon shops. Customers can also ask to have an Amazon employee come to their home and install a device or suggest products to buy.

Amazon vs. Costco: Which One Is Cheaper?
Conventional retail wisdom states that you’ll save big if you buy in bulk. That kind of thinking has made Costco a prominent retail success story even as many brick-and-mortar competitors have faltered in the face of stiff online competition. But is trekking to Costco for mega quantities of paper towels and sandwich bags worth it when you can.

What Is the Maximum Possible Social Security Benefit in 2017?
Your goal should be to save and invest as much money as you can. When you retire, you will be able to augment your savings and investments with your Social Security benefits. You’ll be able to think of the latter as a little bonus on top of your investments. Unfortunately, very few of us save enough and are forced to live on their Social Security benefits.
While most people won’t save much if anything for their retirement, here’s a sobering thought for you. Even if you were fortunate enough to save and amass $1 million, you might still have a hard time making that money last throughout your retirement years. Remember it could be decades. If you retire at 65, you might live and two, three, or even four more decades. That money has to last a long time. These 12 states are cheap enough that you’ll likely be able to last, financially.

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