Ebay for Apartments, Coke cans with Buffett’s face

Ebay for Apartments – If you think the rent is too damn high, there are a couple of startups that want you to prove it, by forcing you to bid for a place to live. You may find out you’re right. Or you may discover you aren’t offering enough.

And for those looking to buy a house, it’s getting difficult as homes are selling fast… like hot cakes:

Inventory has gotten tighter as demand has increased rapidly and the pickup in construction has lagged behind. Sellers also have become hesitant to put their homes on the market because rising prices and mortgage rates have made it more expensive to trade up. (WSJ)

Warren Buffett on a can of Coke – Americans celebrate celebrities. Perhaps the Chinese have better celebs.

When it’s finally time to retire but you can’t spend your savings – “I’m retired, have a good pension and no debt. I also have about $350,000 in an IRA account that I may never need, but the saver in me won’t allow me to spend. Any suggestions? And how should I invest my IRA money to earn a low-risk modest rate of return”

8 Worst Things About Being a Millionaire – “Being a millionaire today isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. At today’s low interest rates and high cost of living, a million bucks in the bank doesn’t necessarily mean you can retire at 35, 45 or even 55. What’s worse, today’s million dollars comes with all the burdens of wealth”



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