Email etiquette, RMDs, asset allocation, and the high cost of cancer

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  • The best way to sign your emails – the lost art of the salutation (Business Insider)
  • And speaking of email, behaving professionally in email is key. Here are 4 things which can easily result in the reader hitting the delete key. (Fast Company)
  • Do you know what an RMD is? Are you approaching your 70th birthday — and even if you aren’t — you need to understand RMDs (WSJ)
  • Can a book on money be fun for the whole family? (Amazon)
  • On life insurance payments and taxation (SmartAsset)
  • Betterment recently, somewhat clandestinely — raised their prices. Here’s what they had to say about this. (Betterment)
  • In my whole life, I have known no wise people who didn’t read all the time,” says Charlie Munger. “None. Zero.” (Morgan Housel)
  • Did you take Tom Brady’s jersey? It could be worth $500K (Bloomberg)
  • Having health insurance is critical, especially for those with cancer. See what cancer can cost you, even if you have insurance (The Billfold)
  • Oh Snap! Look who wants to be the next Facebook (WSJ)

Chart of the Day: Batterygate

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