Most Expensive Homes for Sale, Kids allowance as a tool, When NOT to hire a financial planner

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  • The 25 most expensive homes for sale in the U.S. right now (Curbed)
  • How to Get Rid of Mortgage Insurance (SmartAsset)
  • Six Times You Should Hire a Financial Planner (and Three Times You Shouldn’t) (The Simple Dollar)
  • As parents, our number one goal is to raise our kids to be kind, compassionate human beings who can function in the world as independent adults. In the early years, we’re often focused heavily on those “kind and compassionate” terms. (How to Use Allowances to Teach Your Kids About Money)
  • Warren Buffett recently spent some time giving a talk to a group of MBA students at the University of Maryland and was asked what the most important skill in finance is. This was his response: The most important skill in finance is salesmanship. (Don’t Try to Get Rich Twice)
  • Financial planners generally agree that a 4 percent retirement withdrawal rate (a study has been done!) is safe for the long-term as it takes into account inflation, economic growth, and so on. This means that you need 25 times (1.00/0.04 = 25) your annual expenditures invested in income generating assets such as stocks, bonds, CDs, and real estate to retire safely. (What is your number?)
  • Even if you think you’re the most prepared retiree on the planet, there will still be those pesky unexpected costs that add up over time and may put a burden on your budget. According to the AARP , retirees fear outliving their savings more than they do death. (10 Unexpected Retirement Costs to Think About)

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