Facebook: Banking, Augmented Reality, the end of the Smartphone, the Future

It pays to become financially savvy – People who invest in financial knowledge can save better, invest better, and manage their money better during retirement, while those who do not, do worse. Some 30% to 40% of retirement wealth inequality is can be explained by differences in financial knowledge.

Banking on Facebook? – Wells Fargo is trying it out.

The future of Facebook – If you take one thing away—this is it

It pays to keep working as long as you can – It would help if people tried to do everything possible to continue working. The longer you delay retirement, it benefits you on a number of fronts. Your Social Security benefits are higher when you start drawing upon it and you are not taking money out of your nest egg, thereby allowing it to continue to grow.

Looking for a new home? – It’s tough for most folks, it’s especially hard to find a home to buy right now — and it could get worse for millennials

Having financial issues? Need help? Non-profits to the rescue – Stressed about money? Free help is a call away

Men are better at some things – But there are plenty of things that women do better than men

Credit scores are important – Did you know there’s a new credit score coming later this year? What You Need to Know About VantageScore 4.0

Are there a many millionaires where you live? – The 18 countries with the most millionaires

Every day, roughly 10,000 new Baby Boomers are retiring – How boomers are adjusting to prospects of a frugal retirement

Compounding may be my favorite word – The younger you are, the more you can benefit from it. How Millennials Can Capitalize On The Magic That Is Compound Interest

Fees can really impact your investments – …and not in a good way. Investment fees could leave you old and broke

Look to buy a house? – The biggest mistake people make when trying to buy a house.

Good news for military – Some vets can go to CVS ‘MinuteClinics‘ for minor illnesses

This map shows the hardest college to get into in every state


image credit: Charis Tsevis

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