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Are you paying too much in fees

Do you really know how much you are paying in fees? Most people don’t have a clue. If you are investing are investing in an actively managed fund, you are likely paying a heft fee. Are you getting your money’s worth? (Hint: well over 80% of actively managed funds under-perform their related index) [Read more…]

Eat too much at the luau? Airlines “weigh” in

You know that there are weigh limitations for your luggage when you fly. You place your bags on the scale and hope that you are within their limits. Now airlines are looking at you. One airline has been given approval to weigh you and potentially re-seat you on the plane? [Read more…]

How the candidates may affect you financially

Have you decided who you are voting for in the election? The election is just 15 days away. (I mailed in my ballot today.) Personally, I can’t wait til it’s over… Do you know the potential financial impact each candidate’s platform would have on your purse? [Read more...]

Vacation Idea: Cuba

If you are thinking of a trip to the Caribbean, you might want to consider Cuba. As you’ve probably heard, the first commercial flights to Cuba from the USA have begun. Flights pretty cheap, $99 from New York and $59 from Florida. [Read more…]

Before you book any vacation travel, you might want to check and see what Costco Travel is offering. [Read more…]

Cutting the cord? How about cutting the car

My wife and I are considering selling one of our two cars. We both work from home. We typically run our errands together. We are rarely apart. Why keep two cars? (Her car is almost 20 years old though, we can’t get much for it, so we’ll likely keep it. But if we just kept one car and one of us was out, the other one could always Lyft, Uber. etc. if t an emergency were to arise. People are taking it one step further and getting rid of both (all) of their cars. [Read more…]

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