Fertility casino, online dating ghost writer, and negotiating college tuition

Fertility Casino – Get Pregnant, Have a Baby, Money-back Guarantee – Go to the fertility clinic to try to get pregnant. Pay the negotiated fee. If you are successful the first time, everyone is happy. If you aren’t successful the first time, you’ll get a refund, and you can continue trying to get pregnant.

Online Dating “Resume” Writer – “I like walks on the beach, I’ve got a good sense of humor, and I’m athletic.” BORING! Now you can have someone create your profile for you. There are resume writers to help you create a better, more personal, attention grabbing, resume. People pay others to write term papers for them. Some people hire ghost writers to write entire books for them, so why not for your dating profile. Enter, Meredith Golden, a 42-year old mother of two. Golden wants to ghost write your dating profile. Love doesn’t come cheap though; having a professional ghost write your description could run you $900 for the first month. It gets cheaper each subsequent month.

Medical Debt Malpractice – Ever get an erroneous bill from your health insurance company? A recent report suggests that nearly two-thirds (63%) of complaints about medical debt collection assert either that the debt was never owed in the first place, it was already paid or discharged in bankruptcy, or it was not verified as the consumer’s debt. Millions of Americans are contacted by debt collectors every year over debt related to medical expenses.

Is Tuition Negotiable? – Few people pay rack rate for hotel rooms, MSRP for cars, and the asking price on a home, but did you know that you might be able to negotiate college tuition? During the 2015-2016 school year, 77 percent of entering freshmen at private universities in the US, were able to receive up to half off their tuition.

Desktops are making a comeback. I was late to the laptop party. I had a desktop computer until two years ago. Even though I have a laptop, I tend to sit in the same place where my desktop was. Old dog…     Computer makers like HP, Dell and Microsoft are rethinking the old standby, says WSJ’s Geoffrey A. Fowler. Now, you can buy a PC with a huge screen that surrounds your head, one built into speakers, even one with top and bottom touch screens, like something out of Star Trek. Desktops are coming back… I’m rarely fashion forward.

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Americans get an ‘F’ on income tax quiz. Take this 10-question tax quiz and see how you do.

Looking for a new career? Capitalize on those who are lacking in financial acumen. You can be a personal financial planner.

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Dreaming is free, retirement planning takes a bit of work. When it comes to retirement, a dream isn’t a plan

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