How to fly on a private jet with prices anyone can afford

Can you imagine flying in a private jet? How about flying in a private jet from Los Angeles to San Francisco or Las Vegas for about $100. Affordable private jet travel? It’s the wave of the future. And apparently, the future is now.

Usually, I am the last person to suggest spending more money than you have to. Why would you spend $50,000 for a luxury car when there are many high-quality dependable cars selling for half that price? Why would you spend $150 on a haircut or designer jeans when you can get good quality for a small fraction of that price? Normally I don’t elect to spend more than I have to, but something recently caught my attention. Flying on a semi-private jet for not much more than a coach ticket?! I’m definitely interested! true. There are several providers offering reasonable pricing for seats on semi-private jets.

One such provider is JetSuiteX. JetSuite is a subsidiary of NetJets — a fractional ownership airline that is owned by Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway. I’ve known about NetJets for many years. Years ago, when Berkshire Hathaway bought the company, I looked into their service. I recall it was something like $15,000 a year and then several hundred dollars per leg. (The membership fees for Jet Suite today are here:

Regardless, that’s too rich for my blood, but flying in a semi-private jet for about twice the cost of coach — that’s far less than the typical business class seat — piqued my interest. JetSuiteX is offering flights between LA, San Francisco, Las Vegas, and Bozeman, Montanta for about $130 each way.

Sure, with enough advanced booking, you can fly between LA, SF, and Vegas for about $60 each way on discount airlines like Southwest, but why fly on a large commercial plane for $59 when you can fly on a small 30 seat semi private jet for $129 or less.

SourceJetSuiteX-HD1080-Final from JetSuite on Vimeo.

Compare Fares

Comparing fares for a flight between Los Angeles (Burbank, actually) to Las Vegas about one month from now (Wednesday August 24th through Wednesday August 31st) shows surprising results:

Southwest: $74 each way

JetSuiteX: $99 each way

Why fly on a commercial flight when you can fly on a semi-private jet for just $25 more each way. Sounds like a no-brainer to me.

How about flights on the same dates between Burbank and the bay area (San Jose):

Southwest: $59 each way

JetSuiteX: $129 each way

Okay, not as great of a deal, but still. Traveling in business class between Burbank and San Jose on a commercial carrier would cost about $250 each way.

Skip the Crowds

According to Conde Naste, the comapny will use terminals normally reserved for private air travel, which, it says, means freedom from crowded terminals and long TSA lines (although customers will still be subject to security screening). Aircraft will feature business class–style seating, with 36-inch seat pitch, plus free Wi-Fi and streaming of inflight entertainment to fliers’ personal devices.

What kind of planes does JetSuiteX use? From their website:

We offer a new fleet of 30 passenger, WiFi equipped, Embraer 135s offers with speeds up to 515 miles per hour, an operating ceiling of 37,000 feet and an interior cabin that seats thirty passengers comfortably. The E135 is powered by two Rolls-Royce AE 3007 – A1 engines, providing a range of 1,150 nautical miles. The cabin is comprised of three seats per row with comfortable leather seats and ample legroom.

Jet Suite X

courtesy: JetSuiteX

Last Minute is Cheaper!

The prices are appealing if you book a few weeks in advance. It becomes even more appealing for last minute travel. Let’s say I wanted to go to Las Vegas this Friday for the weekend. The round-trip fare on Southwest is $492. The fare on JetSuiteX is $448! It’s cheaper to fly on a private jet, but there is a catch. Given that it’s last minute, there are very few seats left. The Burbank to Vegas flight back from Vegas only has one seat left. You could get a reasonable far on the flight back to LA on Monday morning though.

Last minute travel sounds great, but there can be hiccups. If there aren’t enough travelers, it looks as though some of these flights get cancelled. I noticed a review from a traveler in Phoenix booking a last minute fare on Jet Suite had his flight cancelled:

I booked a flight through them using their Jetsuite deals that was leaving in 4 hours. They sent me a confirmation and we booked hotels based on their confirmation. Then they canceled the flight on us and refused to help us out. Really loved the idea but their customer service is god awful. They wouldn’t even admit to any wrongdoing. In fact the only thing they would admit to is that they sold my flight out from under me.

source: Yelp

The airline’s response:

Hello, Aaron. Our sincere apology for any negative experience you may have had with JetSuite’s SuiteDeals. We understand that this situation caused a disruption in your travel plans and apologize for the inconvenience. We’d like to know more about your experience and how we can improve in the future. Please contact us at 866-779-7770 to speak with a Guest Services Representative. We hope to have the opportunity to welcome you onboard in the future.

source: Yelp

While this traveler’s experience was less-than-optimal, many other reviews are quite positive, for instance:

Our family has flown a few times with this company, and we have become a big fan of JetSuite. We have had a pleasant experience with everyone at the company, from the agents on the phone all the way to the pilots themselves. When was the last time a pilot made you a drink on the tarmac? Posed for pictures with the kids next to the plane? or made sure your kids favorite XM radio station was playing on the runway threshold before take off? Called ahead on the radio to make sure the rental was in position on the ramp (rather than just assuming)? These guys!

source: Yelp


My family and I flew from Los Angeles to Las Vegas l last week and was so impressed with the affordability and great service.  They have gorgeous planes and great service. The planes fit up to four people and the interior was super luxe. They provided drinks and lots of snacks on board.

The pilots were really friendly and warm. If you like their page on Facebook, you get access to their Facebook SuiteDeals.

source: Yelp

Get $50 For Each Friends You Enroll

And speaking of deals, JetSuiteX is offering you a $50 promotion. If you friend sign’s up through your account, they get $50 for signing up and you get $50 when they book a flight. You can do this with all your friends. So if two or three of your friends sign up and book a flight, you’ll get a free leg!

Download their app onto your iPhone and invite your friends. Here’s a link to learn more about this offer:

jet suite x app

Jet Suite X has also partnered with JetBlue so the miles that you travel can be added to your JetBlue account making this even a better deal.

While I normally don’t recommend spending more than you need to, this seems like something worth considering.

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