Food Issue: Do Customers Spend More at Whole Foods or WalMart

Do Customers Spend More at Whole Foods or WalMart
All of us need to go grocery shopping. Some people might be surprised to hear that the average shopper at WalMart spends more per visit than the average Whole Foods Shopper; granted the difference is almost negligible, but still, I;m sure this comes as a surprised to many of you. Regardless, I’m sure the WalMart customer walks out of the store with more bags of groceries than the Whole Foods shopper. Source: Perfect Price

How to save money at Costco
Sure, you expect to save money at Costco, why else would you spend money for an annual membership there? On average, customers spend three times as much at Costco on a visit as they do at WalMart or Whole Foods — more than any other grocery related chance — granted Costco is MUCH more than just food. Have you noticed the pricing at Costco can have peculiar digits? In most stores, priced end in .99 or .49, but Costco has various codes to differentiate certain items.

Costco’s pricing codes indicate whether an item is specially priced, discounted or will not be restocked:

  • Prices that end in $0.97 have been marked down from their original prices, which usually always end in $0.99.
  • Other odd pricing, like $0.49, $0.79 or $0.89, typically means the product is regular-priced merchandise.
  • An asterisk (*) in the upper right corner of the pricing sign means the item won’t be reordered. So if it’s a favorite, you should stock up.
  • Prices ending in $0.88 or $0.00 could mean the store’s manager marked it down to move the product faster.

The following link indicates 20 cost saving strategies at Costco. #9 is make a list. On my walk this morning, I passed a neighbor who was heading for Costco; she and her husband had made a list. Recently, my wife and I bumped into a friend at Costco, she also had a list.  These people walk in and out of Costco without spending too much. My wife and I are not as disciplined; we certainly walk out of the store having spent more than we expected to. Source:

Can Meal Subscription Plans Saving You Money?
Are you familiar with these services? They provide everything you need to make a fine meal. You have to cook the meal yourself, but you have all the fixin’s. Can these services save you money? That depends. They’ll certainly save you time since you won’t be going to the grocery store, but the mail costs more than if you bought the items yourself. (i.e. you can buy onions in bulk, they only include the mount of onions that you need.) These meals services do provide convenience. So you need to weight the cost / benefit. Source: AOL Finance


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