Friday Bits – Lousy Savers & Forced Savings Accounts; Love & Money or Divorce & Retirement… and more bits


  • 10 Things That Don’t Affect Your Credit Scores (Atlanta Journal and Constitution)
  • Four retail apps to make sure you are getting a good deal (Yahoo Tech)
  • Overspending during the holidays is easy. Here a few tips on how to stay on track (WTOP)
  • Why are Millennials uninterested in thinking about retirement (The Globe and Mail)
  • People are lousy savers… would you be OK with a forced retirement savings plan? (Money)
  • Yesterday on our morning walk, my wife and I stopped off to chat with a friend who was working in his garage, getting ready for his deep fryer ready for his turkey, While we were there, he showed off his new — well, new to him — BMW SUV. It looked brand new to me, but it was a 2006! He paid just $6,600 for the car, and it had only 74,000 miles on it. I am always impressed when people by used cars at tremendous discounts rather than buying new cars at full retail price. That said, if you are looking for a new car, here are the five best times to approach the dealer. (My San Antonio)
  • Divorce and the impact on retirement investments. (Forbes)
  • Ben Stein once said, never sell real estate in New York and never get divorced in your 50s. Divorce makes it hard to retire (Tulsa World)
  • Working during retirement could be detrimental to your retirement (USA Today)

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