Friday bits: Perfection, Rate Hikes, Saving Money, and more bits…

Even Jay Leno knows that you don’t spend everything you have. His entire career — even before he was the host on The Tonight Show — he socked away a significant portion of his money. (Yahoo)

The Federal Reserve Bank raised interest rates this week. Here’s what it means to you. (Bloomberg)

Is perfection overrated? Do you know your FICO score? Do you know anybody with a perfect credit score? Here are people who have perfect scores and how they got there. (Atlanta Daily Word)

Three tips to save more money which can help eventually provide you with a financially safe and secure retirement. (Christian Science Monitor)

5 things to do 5 years before you retire (USA Today)

How about annuities? I’m retired and have about 40% of my nest egg in stocks and 60% in bonds. I’m wary of the stock market, so I’m considering moving part of my savings into an annuity. (Money)

Pay down your student loan of invest money for your future. How do you decide where to allocate your money? Morningstar has released a nifty new calculator to help you. (Morningstar)

Surprise! Give kids a computer for free and it has the opposite effect of what you might expect. (Washington Post)



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