Friday Links – Everyone at this company gets a free Tesla

TD Bank Gets Rid Of Coin-Counting Machines, Makes Pennies More Useless – Another sign that the penny is irrelevant.

When A Personal Loan Makes Sense For Debt Consolidation – I am not a fan of personal loans, but our friends at Money Under 30 make a reasonable argument in favor of personal loans, primarily to get your financial house in order.

And speaking of personal loans, the Wall St. Journal reports today that credit card debt has exceeded $1 trillion — nearly back at pre-financial crisis levels.

Pensions may be cut to ‘virtually nothing’ for 407,000 people – One of the biggest private pension funds in the country is almost out of money, and fresh out of options.

Want a Telsa? Work for this company! – Tech companies are always having to offer perks to entice employees to join their company and then offer food and other perks to make them happy and get them to stay. But a NC company might be offering the perk to make all of its soon to be 25 employees quite happy. But how will you know which car in the parking lot is yours?


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