How to get a job – What Millennials Want, 5 Hot Jobs You Can Get Without a Degree

How I finally got job interviews at Palantir and Dropbox – If you’re not getting job interviews, make sure you’re applying to the right role

How to Get Any Job You Want – even if you’re unqualified

A Brief History of Minimum-Wage Disasters – New research finds that job losses are concentrated among older workers, women, and blacks

7 things no one tells you when you start a new job – We’re painfully aware of being the new kid on the block, but hesitant to say when things don’t make sense — we don’t want to raise any eyebrows. How can we possibly get up to speed and appear confidently competent at the same time?

Employment is going in the direction of a freelancer economy – A recent study shows that the majority of freelancers in OECD countries are “slashers”, meaning that their contract work supplements another part-time or full-time position.

How To Land A Job In Politics With No Experience – When Audrey Henson was selected as a Congressional intern while attending the University of South Florida, it changed the trajectory of her career and ultimately her life.

A Company Founder Shares Her Tips on How to Land a High-Profile Job – POPSUGAR founder and President Lisa Sugar’s book, Power Your Happy, helps you combine your passions and talents for success.

Interview tips… Advice to help you ace the interview – Pre-interview nerves beginning to get the better of you? To help you get over the awkwardness, here are six interview tips to help you nail it.

Do You Need A Graduate Degree To Get A STEM Job? -Reach out and ask one intelligent but reasonably concise question, both to gather insight as well as to spark the beginning of a relationship.

Why External Hires Get Paid More, and Perform Worse, than Internal Staff – According to Wharton management professor Matthew Bidwell, “external hires” get significantly lower performance evaluations for their first two years on the job than do internal workers who are promoted into similar jobs. They also have higher exit rates, and they are paid “substantially more.” About 18% to 20% more. On the plus side for these external hires, if they stay beyond two years, they get promoted faster than do those who are promoted internally.

Millennials Want Jobs and Education, Not Marriage and Kids – “What is clear is that today young adults look different from prior generations in almost every regard: how much education they have, their work experiences, when they start a family and even who they live with growing up,” the report said. “It comes as no surprise that when parents recall stories from their youth, they are remembering how different their experiences were.”

5 hot jobs you can get without a college education – Not everyone wants to go to college. The mere idea of spending four or more years trudging between university lecture halls, writing papers and taking exams is more than some people can bear — not to mention the cost of tuition, and the burden of student-loan debt.

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