Here’s how to find the right Alexa speaker for you

Alexa is the speech-recognition technology built into Amazon’s Dot, Echo and Tap smart speakers. Alexa is programmed to respond to a wide variety of voice commands. She can tell you the weather or the news, she can add an event to your calendar or you can use her to make a shopping list. Alexa can play music from streaming services such as Spotify, Pandora and, of course, Amazon Prime. She can also control an impressive list of smart-home devices. Thanks to an aggressive expansion plan from Amazon, Alexa gets support for new products and digital services weekly.

How to find the right Alexa speaker for you

Whether you’re ready to start your smart home or like the idea of an always-listening digital assistant, the best option is one of Amazon’s Echo devices.

They’re more mature and powerful than their current competition, but deciding which one to you should get can be difficult. Keep reading…

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The original Echo

The original Echo smart speaker

Echo Dot

The Echo Dot

Amazon Tap

The Amazon Tap

Echo Show

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Apple competitor coming soon?

You might also want to wait for the Apple version. According to Bloomberg, The device will differ from Inc.’s Echo and Alphabet Inc.’s Google Home speakers by offering virtual surround sound technology and deep integration with Apple’s product lineup, said the people, who requested anonymity to discuss products that aren’t yet public.

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