How to Get an M.B.A. for Free

Starting in Fall 2016, Arizona State University will be offering an M.B.A for free; no tuition! Every single accepted applicant into the M.B.A. program at the W. P. Carey School of Business at A.S.U. will receive a 100% scholarship. A free ride! Truly incredible.

Typically, the tuition for the two-year M.B.A. program at A.S.U. costs  Arizona residents $54,000 and the tuition increases up to $90,000 for international students. Fall 2016 students entering the program will not pay any tuition at all. The money to pay for this is coming from a $50 million donation which was provided to this school in 2003 by real-estate mogul and philanthropist William Carey.

The school hopes that graduates of the program will pay it forward; hiring future alumni.

MBA graduates are typically sought after. Their overall job prospects are the best they’ve been in more than a decade, with 84% of respondents saying they plan to hire MBA graduates this year, up from 74% last year. The likelihood of finding work after attaining an MBA is high, what’s more MBA grads can expect to enter the workforce with a $100,000 average salary in the U.S. That’s almost twice the average salary for all graduates; the average salary for those entering the workforce with a bachelor’s degree is $55,000. So, you can think of an MBA degree as a likely $45,000 salary increase in your first year alone.

If you are considering an MBA or even if you weren’t previously, you ought to consider applying to A.S.U. for the class of Fall 2016. Here’s a link:

Alternatively, if you can’t get accepted into A.S.U.’s MBA program, you might want to consider an MBA program at Brigham Young. According to an analysis by Business Insider, an MBA degree offers the best return on investment based upon the tuition expense as compared to the expected compensation. The Marriott School — BYU’s MBA program — is the only school on the list to receive an A+ grade. Tuition at BYU is an incredibly low $27,942. The expected salary plus bonus exceeds $110,00, resulting in a 4 to 1 return on your investment in the first year. Most other schools charge much higher tuition. As mentioned above, A.S.U. has been charging $54,000. MIT charges $108K, UCLA: $123K, Duke: $135K, just to name a few. Here’s a link to compare theses schools:

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