I Saved 58% on My Auto Insurance

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I just saved over 50% on my auto insurance. No, really…

My wife and I just switched our auto insurance policy from one of the leading carriers; you’ve definitely heard of them, and saved an incredible 58%!

Who did we switch to? Ameriprise via Costco. Incredibly, we are paying less than half of what we were paying for the identical coverage. Also, Costco just announced that new policies in California will receive a $50 or $100 gift card (depending upon which Costco card you have.)

From their website:

Costco Auto Insurance

Affordable insurance, handled with care.

You deserve auto insurance at a great price, backed by great service. Ameriprise Auto & Home Insurance provides both – plus so much more! Discover all of the discounts and benefits Costco members may enjoy.

Auto Insurance Discounts Available for Costco Members

We offer a full range of auto insurance discounts including:

Costco Member Discount1

Get more from your membership.

Costco members receive an exclusive discount, just for choosing Ameriprise Auto & Home Insurance. In fact when Costco members switch, they report saving on average $528.87 on their auto insurance in the first year.2 That means we’ve saved Costco members millions of dollars over the last decade. Today, more than 300,000 Costco members are currently insured with Ameriprise Auto & Home Insurance. It’s just one more way your Costco membership helps you save.

Safe Driving Discounts

You’re rewarded for accident-free driving.

As a Costco member, you’re rewarded for safe driving even if your accident-free record started with another company.

Auto Safety Discounts

Your vehicle-safety features come with a bonus.

Your car, truck or van is a model of safety. From anti-lock brakes to air bags and anti-theft devices, your vehicle has it all. As a Costco member, you can have it all plus the possibility of an additional discount.

Good Student and Education Discounts

Good grades pay for students and grads.

Costco members who are or have a high school student with good grades may earn our Good Student discount. Already a college grad? We recognize that, too, with eligibility for a post-high school education discount. How smart!

Multi-Vehicle Discounts

Cars. Trucks. Vans. Insure more than one with us and save.

Costco members who insure more than one vehicle on their policy qualify for a Multi-Vehicle discount.

Loyalty Discounts

Loyalty has its advantages

Insure where you live and what you drive with us and, you’ll get our Multi-Policy discount for your loyalty.

Tenure Discounts

Stay – and save!

Costco members insured with Ameriprise Auto & Home Insurance for three years or more may earn a Tenure discount.


Check it out. It’s definitely worth you time.

Here’s a link: http://www.ameriprise.com

Here’s a phone number: 888.404.5365


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