Invest like Buffett

Few would argue that Warren Buffett is the greatest investor of all time. While you might not have the skills to invest like Buffett, you could buy a mutual fund which emulates Buffett’s holdings; well, not necessarily all that closely. Here’s a list of funds which are similar to Berkshire Hathaway:

There’s been a fair amount of turnover on this list compared with years past, and one big reason for that is the first-time presence of Apple among Berkshire’s top stock holdings. Nine of these 10 funds hold Apple, and for several it’s among the top holdings. Buffett has been famously wary of owning technology stocks in the past, saying he doesn’t have sufficient understanding of their businesses, but Apple is arguably more of a consumer company these days, and in any case, it’s not clear whether the Apple stake is attributable to Buffett or to Combs and/or Wechsler. As in previous years, the managers of these funds follow Buffett in liking big, profitable companies with strong competitive advantages, but as a group they now have a bit more of a growth tilt.

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