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  • Are you down? – The stock market isn’t… and hasn’t been for a while. When was the last time the S&P 500 closed down more than 1% in one day? Would you believe it’s been 84 days since that’s happened. That’s the 17th longest streak since 1950. Usually markets bounce around, moving up or down. sometimes by more than 1%. Since the Presidential election, it’s been a fairly steady move up. (Aleph)

Here’s a chart of the longest stretches without more than a 1% move

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Here’s the S&P 500 over the past 90 days

  • The hardest part of investing is doing nothing – When you invest your money, it’s easy to get excited and start checking it every day to see how much it’s earning. This isn’t the best idea and it can hurt you in the long run. The best and hardest thing to do with your investments is nothing. (Lifehacker)
  • Tax breaks for the rest of us – If you believe that tax breaks are for millionaires and companies with offshore subsidiaries, you’re probably paying too much to the IRS. In recent years, lawmakers have enacted dozens of tax incentives targeted at middle-class families. Taking full advantage of these tax breaks is particularly important for dual-income couples because there’s a good chance they’ll get hit by the marriage penalty—when two individuals pay more in taxes as a married couple than they would pay if they were both single. And they work together: Lowering your adjusted gross income (AGI) with one strategy could make you eligible for other tax breaks
  • Is your information at risk? – Setting it up can take a little time, but it’s critical to protecting yourself online.  (Slate)
  • How One Couple Is Paying Off $50000 Of Student Loan Debt In 3 Years – The average college student who graduated in 2016 has $37, 172 in student loan debt, according to Student Loan Hero. Sean and Nicole Nunley, who graduated in 2012 and 2013 respectively, each had close to the average after finishing college. Here’s how they are getting out of debt.(Forbes)
  • Best travel rewards card from an experienced traveler – A 30-something travel hacker who spent 11 years exploring 193 countries reveals which travel rewards card he uses every day (Your Money)
  • 30-Year vs. 15-Year Mortgage: Which Should I Pick? – The industry standard mortgage product in the United States is the 30-year fixed-rate mortgage, which is used by more than 85% of home-buyers. However, the 15-year fixed-rate mortgage has been gaining traction, as it can be a smart way to save thousands in interest charges over the term of your loan. Here’s a comparison between the pros and cons of each loan term, so that you can decide which is best. (Fool)
  • Millennials Need Financial Education – “What young adults don’t know about money can hurt them,” Beck continues. “This is our opportunity to reach them with relevant financial education to help close the gap.” Financial wellness programs could certainly help them. (Plan Sponsor)
  • Are young Americans ashamed of their debt? – STD or Debt…  which are Millennials more likely to expose with their partners? (MSN)
  • The one thing you hate that your spouse spends money on? – At the beginning of their relationship, Terry Leija says she and her husband, Gene, argued about money constantly. “We argued about it all the time because we didn’t have it,” said Leija. Their fights became so consistent. (KHOU)
  • The Priciest Place on Earth? – The prices to visit the Magic Kingdom are going up. Sure, it’s only two more dollars, but I often wonder: How can a family of four afford to go to Disney? (CNN)

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