Investing mistakes – the top 20 investment mistakes, and how to avoid them

Everybody should be investing. Most of us lack the time, the skills, and maybe most importantly, the temperament. There are many investing mistakes that you can make; some small, some which could get you into deep financial difficulties.

Investing: the good, the bad, and teenagers

Put Your Savings and Investing on Auto-Pilot – this lays out some of the easiest way to invest your money (investing / Bloomington Pantagraph)

Your Money: The deadly sins of investing – and this article discusses some of the silly mistakes many investors make… and how to overcome them (investing /

3 Ways to Lose All Your Money in the Stock Market – and then, of course, it could get a lot worse (money /

Teaching your teen about money — part one – Important, valuable lessons here (money / Coos Bay World)

20 Common investing mistakes

If you read nothing else, read this: Tips for avoiding the top 20 common investment mistakes 

Financial troubles

Why Your Credit Score Could Get a Big Boost This July – if you “lien” the wrong way (The Simple Dollar)

Another Darn List – Here are 33 signs you could be in trouble (HumbleDollar)

MONEY MANNERS: Living rent-free is not being cheated – A mom moves in with her son and his wife. She pays $60K and they add a mother-on-law wing onto their house. Several years later they sold the house and they all moved into a condo. Did mom get cheated? (money / The Gleaner)

My 76-year-old sister put a $9,000 medical debt on her credit cards – Should this sibling bail her out? Or tell her to declare bankruptcy? (

And financial troubles may extend well beyond your wallet – One in five reveal money troubles are affecting their mental health

Got money problems? The frugal movement might be for you – one woman, a finance journalist from London and author of The No Spend Year. Inspired by the Black Friday sales, and a counter movement called Buy Nothing Day, she decided to cut out all additional spending from her budget. The result: she saved herself over $37,000.




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