It’s not impossible to retire 35 years early

Are you looking to retire early? How about 35 years early?! Pete aka Mr. Moustache and his wife retired at 30. How did they do it? Check this out:

No, they don’t clip coupons; they are just logical, frugal, and smart. They pushed to save FIFTY PERCENT of their take-home pay; that’s probably about 35% of their gross pay. They amassed $600K and a paid off house by the time they reached thirty.

I often suggest that you should strive to save at least 15% of your gross pay. If you do that and invest the proceeds, you should be able to retire comfortably. As you can see here, these folks saved much more and retired much earlier.

If nothing else, consider this video inspiration. You can retire early if you have a plan.

About: This video is from the ABC News.
Topics: Investing, Personal Finance, Retirement
Published: May 24, 2015

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