These jobs makes the world a better place

If you are looking to make a difference in the world, you likely need to get a degree in one of the STEM programs. The list below shows the top 15 careers for PhD degree holders and the percent of graduates who believe that they are making the world a better place. Not surprisingly, every single one of these careers is the result of a STEM degree program.

It’s great if you can not only earn an excellent salary, but if you can also make a difference in the world, that’s even better. If you are considering what to major in or perhaps considering a career change, here are several lists of highest paying jobs. Not surprising, many STEM jobs are on these lists:


1. Petroleum Engineering
2. Nuclear Engineering
3. Actuarial Mathematics
4. Chemical Engineering
5. Electronics & Communications Engineering



1. Petroleum Engineering
2. Nurse Anesthesia
3. Strategy
4. General & Strategic Management
5. Finance & Real Estate

In some fields, you might not need (or perhaps can’t afford) to get a bachelor’s degree. Here are the top five degrees for those just getting an Associate’s Degree

TOP 5 HIGHEST PAYING MAJORS (Associate’s Degree)

1. Management Information Systems (MIS)
2. Construction Management
3. Economics
4. tie Mechanical Engineering Technology (MET)
4. tie Electronics & Communications Engineering

Clearly, those STEM degrees dominate the list.

These days, if you work for a large corporation, you might make good money for many years, as I did in engineering. However, once you’re over 50, corporations start aging out the older workers in favor of younger workers. These they can hire cheaply. A worker with 5 to 10 years of experience is very inexpensive, compared to more mature workers, so that companies can hire 2 or 3 workers for the price of one older worker. (source: Payscale)

Making Money and Making a Difference

Here’s a list of PhD majors by salary potential. The column on the right, % High Meaning indicates the recent of people who responded to the survey who say that their work makes the world a better place.


For more information, contact Payscale


source: Payscale




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