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Compass – the Pinterest of real estate – Designed to marry high-tech and high-touch, Collections brings together the control homebuyers and sellers have come to expect in following property listings online with the expertise of the real estate agent in recommending homes that meet unique criteria. Collections gives agents tools to share real-time updates, such as availability and pricing changes, and for agents and clients to communicate on individual listings, as well as the overall search.

Should real estate be part of my retirement plan? – As you’ve probably guessed, there are some downfalls to investing in real estate. If you don’t already have your own emergency fund and stock investments in some traditional retirement accounts, you’re probably not ready for a rental properties.

Self-made millionaire went from janitor to real estate mogul – How this self-made millionaire went from janitor to real estate mogul, outselling the pros 100-to-1. “I outworked all my competitors. I’d like to say I was smarter than my competitors, but I competed with guys who went to the Ivy League schools and they went to Harvard and Yale and Wharton over the years.”

Should real estate be part of my retirement plan? –  I am 25 and wonder how I’ll retire since I won’t have a pension like my parents. Last year, I bought a rental property and my return was much higher than what I saw on my 401(k) and Roth IRA. I look at this as a way to diversify my portfolio and also generate cash flow in retirement. Basically, my version of a pension. Is this a good approach to have?

Real estate mogul: This is the biggest mistake house-flippers make – While it’s fun to admire the final product of a successful house flip, it’s also easy to forget that developing properties is complicated.

Mortgage applications stay flat even as rates drop to lowest in three months – Homebuyers are trickling back into the mortgage market, but not enough to offset the industry’s steep and steady drop in refinance business.

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Why California stinks for firsttime home buyers – California ranked as the toughest state in the nation for first-time home buyers, who typically would be in the millennial age bracket of 18 to 34.

Best places in America for first-time home buyers – Buying your first house is a major milestone, replete with tough choices, mountains of paperwork and a mortgage that may follow you into retirement. While price and location are important during your home search, there’s much more to consider. That’s why we looked at data in three categories — affordability, livability and price stability — to find the best places for first-time homebuyers nationwide.

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