Keeping Tax Documents, Maintaing Your Home, Banks Use Fear and other bits…

What Tax Documents Should You Keep? Do you know which documents that you should hold on to for the IRS? Staying organized even after your taxes have been filed will make your life a lot easier in the future — especially when life events like buying a home or refinancing your mortgage require you to show past tax returns, W-2s and other tax-related documents. Preparing your documents now will also save you time and money when it’s time to file next year.

How Banks Use Fear to Make You Pay More for a Loan The financial industry has been under greater scrutiny in the past few years since its implosion in 2008. They are now using tough words to control bad loans, but we’re already seeing that, as lenders have begun to rationalize away the hardened pricing and structuring positions they’ve attempted to institute. So it’s only a matter of time before the new normal becomes business as usual.

Study Suggests New Homes are Cheaper to Maintain This shouldn’t come as a surprise to you… 26% of home owners spend $100 or more a month on various routine maintenance expenses for their home. However, a study shows that 73% of new home owners spend less than $25 a month on routine maintenance costs.

Retirement Remains Americans’ Top Financial Worry A recent survey indicated that many middle aged Americans are very concerned about having enough money to enable them to retire.

Why even $1M may not be enough for retirement You’ve been saving like a miser to get ready for retirement. You’ve pinched pennies, kept that last car for what seems like an eternity. And now you’ve banked a cool $1 million for your retirement years. Think you’re set?


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