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  • Lifelong learning is essential – For your wallet: The links between formal education and lifetime earnings are well-studied and substantial. For your future career opportunities: 50% of jobs would be redundant by 2025 due to technological innovation. For your health: reading, even for short periods of time, can dramatically reduce your stress levels, and while cognitive activity can’t change the biology of Alzheimer’s, learning activities can help delay symptoms, preserving people’s quality of life. Keep learning. Keep reading. Throughout your life. (Harvard Business Review)
  • Pay a little now, or a lot later – Whether it’s inertia, a lack of information, or a behavioral tendency to spend instead of save… whatever the reason, far too many people are ill prepared for their retirement. The earlier you start, the less you will have to save. Start too late and you’ll likely never be able to dig yourself out of the hole. (WSJ)

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  • Surprise! – One third of the people are not aware that Obamacare and Affordable Care Act are one and the same. The people most likely to get this wrong? Unfortunately, those most likely to misunderstand this are the ones who would likely be most affected if it gets repealed. (Upshot)
  • Millennials don’t vote… and this could become permanent – There have been record-low young-adult turnouts at recent elections in various countries including the USA. This presages a permanent shift as voting habits are formed surprisingly early—in a person’s first two elections (Economist)
  • Getting hitched on the cheap – The 10 best places to get married if you don’t want to spend a lot of money. (Your Money)
  • You just inherited a huge sum… now what? – What would you do if a relative left you a large inheritance? (Humble Dollar)
  • Who are better savers: women or men? – Regardless of what you think, women need to save more… and they need to get more comfortable with risk. (Quartz)
  • Lessons from a seasoned traveler – There might be a burning reason why your deeply discount bus ticket was so cheap. Doyou really need to buy insurance when you rent a car? The best travel deals might not be on land or in the air. (Frugal Traveler)
  • Handmade soap makers aren’t necessarily cleaning up – The term “handmade soap” pulls up more than 76,000 results on Etsy. There are 300,000 soap-making businesses in the United States. Fortunately for soap makers, consumers seem to appreciate their back-to-basics ethos. (NY Times)
  • Classroom assignment: Take a nap – For years, many high tech employers have suggested that a nap at work will help to recharge their employees. Now high school teachers are doing the same thing with their students. (WSJ)

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