Lessons From a Baseball Pro About Financial Planning and more bits…

7 realistic strategies for retirement Don’t let financial experts scare you. It’s in their interest to persuade you to save more money than you really need and hand over your nest egg for them to handle. Then they can skim off 1 or 2 percent as a profit every year.

4 Reasons to Refinance As many people look to buy or sell homes this spring, you may be perfectly happy in your current home. But even if you stay put, you might want to look into whether refinancing makes sense for you. Here are some reasons to refinance.

Lessons From a MLB Player About Financial Planning Baseball players, among other sports figures, are often glamorized in the media. Signing big contracts like Miguel Cabrera’s $292 million deal, traveling to exotic destinations and driving around in expensive cars are all part of the game. But if not handled correctly, all the fame and fortune can quickly disappear. NerdWallet discusses the skills needed to handle money and what to do to secure his a financial future. Here are a few tools anyone can use to set themselves up for financial success.

10 dirty secrets of the credit card industry Credit cards may appear to be convenient plastic rectangles in your wallet, but they can be something more sinister: sneaky debt traps. The booby traps you encounter may not be your fault but rather those of an industry that values profits and thrives off of your mistakes. But no need to read the fine print on your credit card terms or do the heavy lifting: below are some secrets about credit cards that are buried in all those numbers and regulations you don’t get paid enough to research.

Running out of retirement money? What to do You know you should save for retirement. How much, when and what strategies to use are exhaustively dispensed by financial planners, accountants, economists and personal finance columnists. But what if you’re already retired? What if you’re sure you’re going to be around for a long time to come – but your money isn’t?


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