Today’s bits: Lessons from Mr. Met

Millionaires are more afraid than ever — nearly 40% are not investing
A survey suggests that 39 percent of millionaires plan to avoid investing in the coming month – the highest percentage since December 2013. That doesn’t mean they’re right. For most of us, trying to time the market is foolhardy. Buffett suggests that the rest of us are better off investing in broad-based index funds.

Investors fear for the future of passive investing
Yes, many people have adopted Buffett’s suggestions and have moved money into index funds. However, this massive shift of capital has led some financial advisers to fear that passive investing may have reached bubble proportions. (Regardless of the topic, you can always find someone who will offer a contradictory point-of-view.) 

The Three Magic Words For Investing Your Money
Few people can regularly outperform the market. Pundits? Those “experts” had a 47% success rate — less than even odds. Good luck if you listen to any of them. The three words are rarely if ever spoken by those “experts.”

Waze expands carpool service, gives Uber a run for the money
“Join us in working together to fight daily traffic, improve our commute, help protect the environment, and save a little money.” Both Uber and Lyft have carpool features in certain cities, but Waze’s service is different.



Millennials are stressing about their finances
An online poll surveyed 1,242 workers, all of whom had to be currently enrolled in a 401(k) plan. Millennials said they spent four hours a week on average poring over personal financial matters.



Mr. Met teaches us we are all one iPhone video away from being fired
The New York Mets apologized for an employee’s behavior that was caught on video.


Monte Carlo Investment Assumptions In Your Retirement Planning Projections
Monte Carlo analysis is a superior retirement planning approach to the standard “straight-line” retirement projection, because it implicitly considers not only average returns but a range of potentially volatile returns, allowing the prospective retiree to understand how the retirement plan might fare in various scenarios.

Ask a Mom: How new moms can save
Explore tips to help you make the most of your money as your family grows.

6 Reasons Every Millennial Needs a Roth IRA
You’re young. You’re earning a bit of money. You know you need to start saving for retirement. So what’s the easiest way to get started?

When you should use travel booking sites like Expedia and Priceline — and when you shouldn’t
The hotel industry has declared war on online travel agencies. To woo customers, hotels are offering better deals and perks to members of their loyalty programs if book directly.

This money habit makes all the difference
It’s the simplest habits and one that few people adhere to…



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